LOS FELIZ—Due to the coronavirus pandemic, summer camps in the area have been cancelled. On May 22, a decision from California Governor Gavin Newsom was still pending on rather schools and summer camps would reopen.

A few childcare-providing locations are still open under the stay at home order. They were deemed essential businesses.

Rene Plant, owner of Silver Lake’s Camelot Kids indicated they have been open since May 4. They received a school-age waiver that allows them to care for kids up to the age of 10. There are currently 16 kids divided into 3 groups.

The focus for the summer camp program is water and outdoor activities. Plant’s goal is to spend as much time outside as possible. She noted the goal was to give children something to do during the summer.

Silverlake Beach Camp, under the direction of Kari Druyen, is set to open on July 13. Druyen indicated they will be operating at a lower enrollment. Their usual enrollment is 25 kids. She also operates Pinwheels and noted they will open as well.

There are three other camps in the area that plan to open virtually for the summer: Immaculate Heart and Los Feliz Wizard of Art and MyGym.