UNITED STATES—This is part three in my satirical Thomas Paine series. His words were used to lobby others in the fight to safeguard our rights and now it is time to apply his legacy to the desperate need to protect youth in America.

To my fellow-gendered Humans,

Our country has now turned to the very same DESPOTISM that Thomas Paine rallied against so long ago, but instead of leaders abusing absolute power it is the parent dominating and STEALING the rights of our youth, causing us to cry for HELP before this country is destroyed by the cruel and immoral behavior that IS selectively taught to children instead of the ABC’s they now leave up to the education system to teach instead.

I must implore with you to establish universality with a collective definition of child abuse and a plan to establish bodily rights for our children. Understand that the difference in legal statute (molestation for example) is not only confusing but also leads to a debate that continues to hinder progress!

Man continues to waste time creating laws that are exploited by parents who BULLY and teach behaviors that negatively influence healthy and necessary growth, leaving the youth DISABLED before he or she is of legal age to leave home.

The potentiality of the child is STUNTED. The anticipated future will be one of personality disorders, polyvictimization, alcoholism, substance abuse, or JUST AS BAD: knowingly or unconsciously teaching the root of this behavior to the next generation.

This is why we see large groups of like-minded dysfunctional citizens that have no way of knowing any better UNTIL Uncle Sam intervenes.

That is, unless the rarely-afforded INTENSE therapeutic intervention takes place to recognize and rehabilitate illogical thought processes and maladaptive behaviors. THAT IS KEY to overcoming the proliferation and the REASON these familial crimes are more prominent in poverty-stricken areas.

Teaching staff are overwhelmed at the current state of our youth, with their APPARENT lack of PARENTING that is creating children unable to recognize right from wrong.

It’s now evident that as Thomas Paine said, a “dictatorial government is necessary, because of man’s corrupt, essential nature,” it is a PERFECT description of how parents are free to rule their castle with the firm hand of parental rights.

And does it not make perfect sense?

As laws were created to prohibit behaviors within businesses and public, those perpetrating such behaviors would be forced to do it in the only place they can without fear of repercussion: behind closed familial doors.

It is historically proven that victims of these most heinous crimes in America will rarely come forward before the perpetrator is in jail or dead.

Since Uncle Sam and the United States government refuse to establish a set of rules guaranteed to protect the sanctity of our youth, IT IS time to PUSH THE FIGHT as far as it takes until our youth receive the necessary protections to ensure America has a future WORTH fighting for.

We MUST see that the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS are stretched and non-discretionary, giving youth a chance to strengthen their traumatized psyche before attempting to stand up against perpetrators of the worst type: PARENTS.

The first sentence in the abstract of a well-known and much cited paper describes the COASE THEOREM, and how our socioeconomic studies use discretion to focus on injuries caused by businesses instead of the widespread and massive injures occurring within the familial home.

IS IT NOT COMMON SENSE for us to think that by allowing parents to be preferential or neglectful in their filial duties,  we are at the same time denying youth the alienable rights inherited by human law?

Our country began with a striving for independence, but did anyone consider what would happen once parents were truly free to choose what cultures, customs, and ethics they wanted to teach?

The order that differentiates man from beast was not created by wish alone.

It was nurtured and even FORCED with laws.

Time to start thinking about a more radical approach to this American Problem that IS affecting what our children see, hear, speak, and therefore dictate what they DO.