SANTA MONICA—Gailvonni Stone, 28, was arrested for grand theft auto on February 27 for driving a stolen car that he claimed to have borrowed from a friend.

Canyon News spoke with Sgt. Rudy Camarena of the Santa Monica Police Department via email about the incident. He confirmed that the Stone was taken into custody at approximately 3:32 p.m. by officers. He was arrested in the 1500 block of Ocean Avenue after their system gave an alert that a stolen car was nearby in the region.

He has prior arrests for burglary, auto theft and robbery, the SMPD informed Canyon News. Stone informed officers that he borrowed the vehicle from a friend. After authorities got into contact with the car’s owner, he revealed that his car and keys were stolen in Los Angeles on February 20.

“The victim was contacted, however it was the ex-girlfriend of the owner who is the current girlfriend of Stone who was believed to have taken the vehicle,” the SMPD told Canyon News. Officials from the SMPD could not confirm the theft of a woman’s backpack that allegedly occurred on February 26. Stone was arrested for grand theft auto without bail.

The suspect was already on probation for burglary when he was apprehended.

By Amy Garcia and Casey Jacobs