HOLLYWOOD—We have reached our final seven and my gut is telling me there is only 1 or 2 more episodes left before the season wraps. Will admit, the season kicked off quite strong, but has slowly been simmering on “Survivor 44.” This week’s episode, ‘I’m Not Worthy’ witnessed the fallout of Carson and Yam Yam blindsiding Carolyn and she was NOT having their lies.

Yam Yam tried to reason, but Carolyn was livid and her trust between these two. Carson and Yam Yam was trying to keep the peace so the others wouldn’t see what was unfolding. Danny was paranoid that he didn’t know who voted for him. Heidi was that person, and she pinned that vote on Frannie. Danny, Danny, you cannot trust Heidi. Heidi is worried too because she doesn’t know who voted for her. Oh, I am so sick of this kumbaya crap with the tribes. Hell, if you don’t like someone just put it out there. It was nice to get some backstory from Heidi who we haven’t learned much about up till this point. Yam Yam you really think Carolyn was going to inform you she has the idol. Nope. She kept that secret.

Yam Yam told Danny that it was Heidi who voted for him. Danny confronted Heidi and revealed that Yam Yam spilled the tea. Oh my gosh, these bozos, Yam Yam didn’t vote for you Danny. Keep your enemies close and keep your friends closer. It became clear to Danny and Lauren they have to align to take out a member of Tika. Tika is looking like they are in trouble and Yam Yam social capital is a massive threat.

Tika viewed Danny and Lauren as the two biggest threats left in the game. I love the Immunity Challenge involving holding your breath as the waves of water made it difficult with each attempt. It was so brutal last season that the challenge timed out and two people won immunity as a result. Jeff Probst really needs to understand sometimes you don’t have to narrate everything; just be quiet and let the game play out so the contestants can focus.

Lauren was the first one out, soon followed by Jaime. Carson soon followed. So Heidi, Danny, Carolyn and Yam Yam were fighting to remain victorious, but that wave took Carolyn out of the game. Why does this feel like a given for Danny people? What Danny didn’t win immunity! I was stunned. It was Yam Yam and Heidi fighting for victory and the guy who the everyone in the tribe wanted to vote out has just won the Immunity Challenge people. Danny and the others want to take out Carson, Heidi and Danny were planning to split the vote between Lauren and Jaime, and trying to blindside Carson, Yam Yam and Carolyn.

Plenty of them at camp, were worried about the aftermath of Carolyn if one of her allies goes home. Uh, Carolyn is smart; she has a vibe that Carson is a target. Carolyn you are the person I’m rooting for hands down, because you are perceptive as hell, and I think she is making the move that will win her the game people. Carolyn has wanted to target Danny for days and she wants him out. Carolyn warned Carson that he’s in trouble and he started to scramble a bit. Carson aligned with Lauren and Jaime to attempt to get Danny or Heidi out the game.

Carolyn spilled to Carson that she had the Tika idol. Ugh, I wish she would have just kept that information to herself and just whipped it out at the Tribal Council blowing everyone out of the water. Carson was dumbfounded by that revelation and it was a big one people. Carolyn yeah, that scenario you’re discussing could potentially happen because Heidi has an idol people. Who knew the final seven vote would be the most intense and best out of the entire game at this point?

Oh this is going to be a great Tribal Council because we still have 15 minutes remaining in the game. Danny and Carolyn had different perspective on how the game will play out. Danny started to get under Carolyn’s nerves and so did Jeff and it was hilarious to witness. This woman is blunt and I love it; hands down she is the best character on reality TV we have seen in years.

Something big is about to explode people and this is something that will be an iconic TC. Heidi made it clear she was not comfortable, and Carson echoed that sentiment as well. Carolyn could not contain her emotions and how she actually feels. Jeez, why do we have this extensive conversation, let’s vote already Jeff! Danny is too cocky that is his downfall people. Always ready to blindside someone, not realizing he’s not immune from a blindside. Everyone was wondering why it was taking Carolyn so long to cast her vote, so much to the point that it was apparent this was Carolyn’s big move people and I was ecstatic to see it.

Man, when Carolyn whipped that idol out it left everyone speechless, especially when she played it for Carson. Wow, 2 votes Heidi, 2 votes Danny, and with the final vote it was Danny who was blindsided and voted out the game. Danny was a good sport about the move and gave kudos to Carolyn’s move. Easily people, if she gets to the final three, Carolyn should be winning this game no questions asked. My question is who did Lauren and Jaime vote for? They voted for Heidi, which means, they can align with the trio if they want, but I can see Tika wanting to target Lauren or Jaime next, or based on the preview, Yam Yam trying to go after Carolyn because he realizes she might win in the end. Oh, next week cannot come fast enough “Survivor” fanatics!