HOLLYWOOD—I must admit last week’s episode of “The Chi” left me speechless with that bomb that was dropped about Q and his tie to Rob. This week’s episode, ‘House Party’ witnessed Emmett making plans to move into his new home with Keisha, just as him and Tiffany reminisced. Papa is really impressing a potential new love interest with his handling of an irate customer. Must say it was impressive.

Jamal wanted to meet Lynae’s new boyfriend, Bakari to ensure she doesn’t get caught up in a situation that lands her in prison. Keisha and Emmett held a house warming to show off their new digs to family and friends. Shaad had a conversation with a so-called social media celebrity who gave him advice that may or may not be good for his relationship. Jada was taken aback by Keisha and Emmett’s realtor who raised a few eyebrows for her.

Keisha’s mother chatted a bit about her new predicament. However, mother always knows best, and it was apparent Keisha’s mom could sense something was off with her daughter. The entire house became extra quiet when Douda and his protégé’s entered the home.

Yeah, it was a sign to everyone that Emmett may have invited a dangerous fiend into his orbit, and I suspect there will be casualties as a result. Rob lit up a blunt to have a chat, just as Emmett was gifted a firearm by Douda. Douda gave an odd warning, which Emmett was not impressed by. Damn Emmett, you are going down a very dark path and it was apparent Darnell was concerned about his son.

Rob is much smarter than I give him credit for, and I’m impressed by the moves being made. He wanted details on his uncle Q and his demise. Rob was asking all the right questions to pry out information from Nuck and his Spidey-sense was immediately raised on Douda. Oh, this is going to be a fun season. Victor was not pleased to have a face-to-face with Douda and he spoke his mind without any apologies.

Yeah, Douda has forgotten that Victor is now a politician. Emmett spotted that Kevin has a torch for Maisha, the question is when will Papa find out and how will he react. There is trouble in paradise between Bakari and Lynae as it appears Jamal may have gotten into her head a bit. Keisha was startled by Nuck who I forgot could have prevented the situation Keisha endured when she was kidnapped. Nuck looks like a weak spot for Douda, and could be a thorn in her relationship with Emmett.

Things are getting complicated as hell at this house party of all places. Darnell caused a bit of doubt for Shaad that his lady could be messing with someone else. Emmett was forced to have a tough conversation with Tiffany about EJ cursing, and it caused a bit of a rift between Rob, Tiff, Emmett and Keisha. Keisha is moody as hell. Darnell located the gun that Douda gave Emmett and confronted the mobster about the situation.

It was hilarious and heroic to see Darnell warn Douda not to put his son and his family in any danger. I swear if the writers take out Darnell this season at the hands of Douda that is something that is going to rip my heart apart. Bakari brought chips and candy as a peace offering to Lynae, who alerted him that Jamal wants to meet him. There is a lot of foreshadowing taking place in this episode, which makes me worry about the fate of Bakari was well.

Papa got invited to a date with Kenya, who has been standing her ground a bit about waiting until he turns 18 before dating him. Papa you’re doing too much to prove yourself, you should have just said yes. Tiffany seemed to be taken aback by Keisha’s comments about EJ as she switched the music while on the car ride back home. Emmett panicked when he couldn’t find the gun he stashed in his drawer. He was worried one of the kids had the weapon, but nope, it was your father, Darnell, who took the gun. Keisha panicked, but Emmett stayed mum on the situation, the danger is only growing.

Very solid writing, great narrative development and so far season 6 is clocking well on all cylinders for me. Until next Sunday “The Chi” fans!