LOS FELIZ— On Friday, July 17, local Silver Lake Bar “The Satellite” made the announcement that they would no longer be able to have live shows or dance parties occur on their premises. This post garnered quite a bit of attention from the public on social media, with over 1500 comments of positivity and encouragement and more than 10,000 likes on the bar’s official Instagram post.

The venue was also remembered and honored on Tuesday, July 21, when “Los Angeleno” writer Daiana Feuer wrote an article titled “A Massive Tribute to The Satellite and Spaceland.”

The article starts with a breakdown of the history of the bar, from its origins as “Spaceland,” which wasn’t the official name of the bar, to its emergence under the new legal name: “The Satellite.”

Feuer then goes on to focus on the testimonies of locals who remembered The Satellite for its musical history, from 1995 to 2020. These accounts came from a variety of people, whether they were performers or observers, on-stage or off stage.

The tribute was eventually even noticed by The Satellite, with the bar promoting the article on their official Instagram page “story” for followers to read and reminisce.

The article then ends with an account by performer Whitmer Thomas, who ends the piece by stating that “For the months since the pandemic started, I’ve looked forward to hanging and performing at The Satellite the most. Things simply ain’t gonna be the same.”