MIAMI, FL—Having grown up in a small urban town in West Texas a majority of my life, I had no idea what to expect when I decided to move to Miami. As a child, I often traveled to the Sunshine State either to visit family living in Tallahassee or to go to Disney World in Orlando.

However, I had never stepped foot in the famous city of Miami prior to moving there. Despite my little knowledge of the Magic City, I packed my car and headed for South Florida. Upon arrival, I was mesmerized by everything in sight, the blue skies, clear beaches, and towering buildings. Despite, the horrid bumper to bumper traffic and the scorching heat, not to mention the humidity, everything was more than I could ever imagine, I knew I had made the right decision.

I have been living in Miami for almost 3 years now and it is definitely a city I highly recommend to family and friends to visit once in their lifetime. Below, you will find my recommendations for your perfect getaway to Miami, whether you’re looking to relax, throw your party shoes on, or simply explore the devise cultures Miami has to offer.


What could be more relaxing than laying out on the beach with a Pina Colada in hand? If you’re looking for the ideal beach getaway you have come to the right place. Miami is known for its gorgeous beaches with warm water to swim in all year round. Key Biscayne is a great beach for family fun to bask in the sun or go for a quick swim. The white sand and blue water is also the perfect picture background for those vacation selfies. South Beach, located on the famous Ocean Drive, is a must to check out when you’re in the 305. South Beach is not only popular amongst the tourists and locals, but also celebrities who are often seen vacationing there. Just last week, supermodels Kate Upton and Olivia Cuplo were spotted celebrating’s Upton’s pregnancy on South Beach.


Although New York is nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps,” Miami was surely a close second at earning that title. The excitement never ends in Miami and the nightlife is just the beginning. Brickell is the city’s financial center, located in Downtown Miami. It is filled with luxury rooftop bars and fancy restaurants. A night out in Brickell will ultimately result in a thrilling and fun-filled night. If you’re looking to go clubbing, Basement, located in Miami Beach, is the nightclub that stands out amongst all the rest. Basement not only has an insanely large dance floor with famous guest DJ’s playing every night, but it also has an ice skating rink and bowling alley. If a club, ice skating, and bowl alley all in one doesn’t scream Miami, I don’t know what will.


As a bias resident of Miami, I think everything about the city is absolutely beautiful, however, my favorite sight to see are the Wynwood Walls, located in the Wynwood Art District in Miami Beach. The Wynwood Walls is an outdoor gallery where local artists are chosen to paint huge and unique murals on the walls. The murals change every so often so there are endless paintings to see and endless photo opportunities. All throughout the week, people can be seen walking through the Wynwood Walls with their large Cannon cameras to take pictures of the amazing artwork.