UNITED STATES−On November 4, a postal worker at the Traverse City Post Office [The Barlow Branch], in Garfield Township, Michigan reported an alleged incident of election fraud to Project Veritas.

The witness told James O’Keefe, a journalist for Project Veritas that his supervisor, “Jonathan” instructed employees at his branch collect election ballots received on November 4th so they may be hand stamped November 3rd [Election Day]. The supervisor the unidentified postal worker referred to is, Jonathan Clarke.

“So, 8:00 p.m. election day on November 3rd, the Court of Appeals ruled that the ballots had to be received by that time,” O’Keefe explained.

O’Keefe then went through what transpired with the witness after questioning him on what he was expected to do.

“To Separate them today so they can mark them with yesterday’s date, and send them through the express system for wherever they needed to go,” the witnessed answered.

“This appears to be an attempt to circumvent Michigan law and allow late votes,” O’Keefe explained, “and you said there was a hamper where the letter carriers were supposed to leave the ballots. Where are the ballots now?”

The whistleblower then said, “They were put in express bags to go to the distribution center.” When asked what made him come forward, the witness replied that,

“It seemed sketchy. I don’t like sketchy. It screams corruption. Also, I know the Post Office’s leanings politically. It didn’t seem quite right.”
When James O’Keefe asked the witness, “What is your message to other postal workers that see something like this?” The whistleblower did not hesitate. “Report it,” he answered.

During the interview, O’Keefe called the Traverse City Post Office and spoke to the said supervisor, Jonathan. When O’Keefe asked about him giving his employees this directive to separate the ballots so they may be postmarked November 3, “Jonathan,” declined comment and then hung up on O’Keefe.

Project veritas asks on their website that if you have a tip regarding voter fraud to please send it to the tip line at,


News reports indicate that the former Vice President won the election in Michigan. Michigan’s numbers state otherwise.

Trump Voters Revealed In Red

Michigan voted for President Trump in 2016 and for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. They depict nearly the entire state as red or Republican, yet it is recorded as a Biden win.

A rough count of approximately 73 counties voted for President Trump while Marquette county shows a Biden win with 20,465 votes or 54.6 percent and 16,288 votes for Trump or 43.5 percent.

Leelanau County, Michigan came out for Biden with 8,793 votes. Kent County has 187,753. Saginaw had 51,068 votes for Biden. Genesee county cast 120,082. Oakland 438,147. Wayne County 58,7074. Washtenaw County 157,130. Ingham 94,221, and Kalamazoo with 83,674 or of the vote for Biden. Trump won the remaining 75 counties of Michigan.