WESTWOOD—Matthew Ryan, 30, one of the three individuals injured due to a car crash into Pinches Tacos on June 4, 2019 is now suing.

Ryan was transported to the hospital from the scene after a Sedan crashed into the Westwood restaurant, hitting the customer and a pole. Los Angeles Resident, Elizabeth Pasternak, 77, said in the original police report that she was unable to apply the break in the parking spot, causing her to drive through the front door of the establishment.

The lawsuit filed on Monday, June 8 is not only against Pasternak, but against Pinches Tacos, the city of Los Angeles, and the UC Regents. 

According to suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Ryan alleges negligence, premises liability, and dangerous condition of public property. The victim of the crash seeks unspecified damages. Los Angeles Fire Department Captain, Joseph Everett said:

“A woman was trying to reverse her car from her parking spot but drove straight into the restaurant instead, breaking through the glass doors and into a pole.”

According to the police report, Ryan did not see the car before he was struck and suffered injuries to his left knee and lower body. The lawsuit does not specify whether Ryan was hit inside or outside the restaurant. The claim attached to the lawsuit only states that Ryan was “a lawful pedestrian on the sidewalk and in the adjoining businesses.”

There have been no comments from the driver of the vehicle, Pinches Tacos owners, a representative from UC Regents, or the city of Los Angeles about the lawsuit.