HOLLYWOOD—The battle has culminated between Aunt Jordan and Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” Jordan has been tormenting the Newman clan courtesy of her niece Claire who was revealed to be Cole and Victoria’s daughter they thought they lost. Yes, Claire was wicked to the core, but has been receiving treatment, but Victor’s plan included using her as a lure to trap Jordan.

The wicked woman was jailed, but later escaped after a fire. She returned to Genoa City and started to stalk and make menacing calls to Nikki Newman. Nikki has been on a major spiral, but she is gaining her footing again as a result of assistance from Jack Abbott. With that said, Jordan was preparing to utilize Seth, Nikki’s sponsor from her AA meetings to draw Nikki out of hiding. The plan didn’t work.

Jordan, who has proved once before she is a wicked fiend, threw Seth in front of a moving car leading to his death, which left Nikki rattled. Victor and Michael met Jordan in an alley where he offered her $10 million, a house in France and a way to escape the authorities. Jordan was not buying what Victor was selling and held him at gunpoint, but it was Nick, yes, Nick Newman who came to his father’s rescue by utilizing a Taser on Jordan. The threat is neutralized for now, but I don’t think it will be done and over until Jordan is six feet under.

Another war is brewing between Mamie and Jill. Jill has appointed Billy in charge of things with Chancellor-Winters which is creating a clash. Billy and Devon are going to battle, which is leaving Nate and Chance to play referee. Yeah, it is kind of odd to have Billy in a place where he just doesn’t fit in to be honest. I felt Jabot was a better fit for him, but I can understand Jill’s reasoning. She wants to ensure what Katherine left her stays intact.

Billy just seems to be such a goof when it comes to business matters, I can totally see something chaotic happening with Lily returning to GC and Amanda also returning to GC. Yes, that titan of a lawyer is representing Jill at Chancellor Winters, which means she has to deal with three people she might not like in two exes Devon and Nate, and Lily who was responsible for that crash that killed her twin sister. If Amanda is indeed back in town to stay, the writers truly have to give her a meaty storyline once and for all.

Adam and Chelsea are bonding together to help Connor deal with his OCD diagnosis. Yes, it is indeed scary for Connor, but Adam and Chelsea seem to be more rattled than ever. I do get the slight feeling this could be the thing that brings these two back together because it feels like Sally Spectra is falling in the wings, but who knows, maybe there is something that just hasn’t transpired just yet.

Ashley and her split personality are raging up to something that is going to strike Tucker and Audra where they don’t expect. Jack and Traci are starting to realize that Ashley is indeed not herself and they are afraid that something wicked is about to erupt and I am scared for Tucker, but more worried for Audra because it feels like her time could be coming to an end on the soap. The glimmer of hope is even Tucker can sense something is off with his former wife.

Phyllis and Danny are over as he choose Christine, and with Danny leaving the canvas soon, I suspect so will Christine. This led to Phyllis trying to reignite things with Nick, but he turned her down. Smart choice Nick, just as Summer and Chance’s romance is heating up, another relationship is about to explode as Daniel will be forced to break the news to Lily about his rekindling with Heather behind her back. Talk about a devastating blow.