HOLLYWOOD—Well, his reign of terror is over on “General Hospital.” After more than a year inflicting absolute chaos in Port Charles, villain Victor Cassadine is no more. His body was found after that explosion on the Haunted Star and identified by Trina and Valentin. I will give you all the short version of events, because a lot more chaos is erupting that we must discuss.

Valentin, Laura, Curtis and Drew descended on Greenland, just as Trina, Spencer and Liesl found themselves trapped. Valentin was used as a guinea pig by his father for his pathogen, just as the gang arrived and got the upper hand for a second, before Victor turned the tables. Anna and Holly were the game changers and they rescued the others. Victor was shot by Holly and escaped back to the Haunted Star before a drone strike by the WSB blew the ship to pieces. Spencer was presumed dead, as you know he is not, as his reunion with Trina was so sweet.

Holly returned with the antidote to save Valentin and Anna’s lives. Let me just put this out there, it was HOLLY who saved Liesl and everyone else, NOT Drew. I am so sick of the writers trying to shove Drew Cain down our throats. The character is as interesting as a piece of cardboard; I’m sorry the personality is just not there. Cameron Mathison is not bringing that dynamic that Billy Miller brought to the character after it was revealed he wasn’t Jason Morgan, but his twin brother.

Let Carly, Michael, Willow, Josslyn, Olivia, Sam, Dante and so many others in PC say it, Drew is the reason Willow will live. No people, he is not. Holly is, Laura is, Anna is. They came in and did the heavy lifting. Drew just punched a guy or two before being held at gunpoint; what a complete joke. He returned to PC and there were cheers all around, before he discovered the bomb: the SEC.

Yes, Carly and Drew are in deep trouble with the SEC involving Aurora stock. Yes, what you two indulged in was insider trading. You all should thank Ned for tipping you off about that, even though he’s being crucified yet again for something he didn’t do. I will point out I am LIVID the writers are once again trying to paint Nina as the villain because she gave that tip. If it’s an anonymous tip, why in the hell is it apparently so easy for people to figure it out, just as Sam and Dante are starting to speculate.

I can already see how this is going to boil over, the truth that Nina tipped them is going to come out and she will be made the town pariah yet again. However, Carly gets a slap on her hand for keeping someone’s daughter from them for over a year. Yeah, stop painting the character of Carly Spencer as a saint; this woman has done so much dirt in Port Charles, she is just as bad as Nina if not worse. In the soap arena, we want to see our characters rather good or bad face the music for their misdeeds. You cannot just sweep it under the rug as if it never transpired. Some would call that bad writing, which is exactly what we’re seeing at the moment on “GH” and the writers need to make a serious shift because so many characters on this soap opera are becoming hated by fans and viewers.

Now that Willow finally has her bone marrow transplant courtesy of Dr. Liesl thanks to NINA people, she can hopefully stop the sappy portrayal and attempt to bond with her mother. No matter what has transpired in the past, Nina is Willow’s mother that will never change people. That is the least that she owes Dr. Obrecht who just saved her life. I mean to ask your biological mother of all people to stop attacking Carly just made me livid. Carly is no victim, anything that has come her way is a direct result of her past misdeeds.

At least Willow got thru to Michael to delete that video of the Pikeman deal to build a bridge with Sonny. Michael looks to have matured now that he almost lost the love of his life people. He even tried to broker the piece with Sonny. How long will that last though? Something tells me that the truth is still going to come out, as Dex had to reveal to Josslyn that the take down of Sonny is over, and it frightened her. Why? One of two things will happen: Sonny will discover the truth and Dex is killed or Dex disappears. The first seems more likely, and all that talk about making Dex Sonny’s long lost kid, please that is a twist we don’t want to see people. Sonny Corinthos already has enough kids he doesn’t need anymore. I’m so happy to see Tracy Quartermaine back in the flesh, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and let people know how she truly feels, whether you’re family or not; it’s refreshing.

On top of that, Portia is starting to make a bit of leeway with Trina and Curtis, but it is time for the writers to reveal rather Marcus or Curtis is Trina’s father. I’m tired of waiting already. Sasha and Cody are continuing to build that bond, as its clear Gladys will be exposed at some point. Cody stepped to the plate to help Sasha in her time of need as a bit of sabotage was happening with Deception pushing their new product on the airwaves. Molly is facing a health crisis that will build her relationship with TJ, just as a new Kristina (Kate Mansi) is slated to debut in the coming week and if you watch or pay attention to the news you know why Haley Pullos won’t be on the soap for a while and it is not good news.

I really hope the writers utilize the character of Kristina more people. She is so feisty people. I can only see her wrath once the truth about Michael, Dex and Josslyn’s role in attempting to take down Sonny Corinthos comes to light, oh, the aftermath will be epic, whenever that other bomb drops, I just hope we’re not waiting till November Sweeps, which is what I suspect.