UNITED STATES—I know I’m not the only person experiencing this so I have to ask: has your mail been coming excessively late in recent weeks? If not you are lucky, but for me that is not the case. My mail has been coming very late, I recall just last week one day the mail came at 12 p.m., the next day nothing arrived until almost 8 p.m. Yes, you heard me correctly 8 p.m. This cannot be a coincidence right. So what is going on? Heck, there are some people where the mail is only being delivered 3-4 times a week, not the normal 6 days because there’s a shortage of workers or other issues unknown.

Well, I have an inside source who just happens to work for the United States Postal Service and the person put in charge by President Donald Trump has no experience whatsoever. I just don’t get how people think placing people in power positions that have no experience at all is a good idea. I’m still reeling over the fact that Betsy DeVos who knows absolutely NOTHING about the educational system is our Secretary of Education, but I guess when you have money you can do anything America right?

With that said, this person who wants to remain anonymous explicitly told me the USPS workers were sent a memo noting for them to not sort mail that would normally be sorted at the end of their shift or that day. Like, I just paid $8.00 for a letter to be sent via priority mail and it was to arrive at its location within 1-2 days. Mailed on a Wednesday, it should have arrived at its destination by Saturday. Guess what? It didn’t get there until 10 days later. I was pissed, I was livid because I understood the notion of a delay because of the pandemic if I was mailing it regular mail, but I paid extra money for it to be delivered by a certain time frame and guess what. It didn’t happen, so what did I just pay for? I want my money back and I’m lodging a claim against the USPS to get that charge reversed on my credit card. I would have appreciated some sort of notice or anything, it’s not fair to ask someone to pay more for a service and then to not get it.

I mean it’s like an item I ordered online and it was to arrive on a Friday and my tracker noted it was in my area, it sat on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then suddenly Wednesday, after more than 5 days sitting at a postal establishment in my neighborhood did I receive the item I paid for. Look, I’m not placing blame on the USPS workers, they are doing the best they can and our currently being strained by our federal government.

Funding is low for the postal service, but got dammit its times for the leaders in charge to make a move to get things in order so that people’s mail are not being dialed excessively. I mean one thing that always seems to come on time no matter what our bills. I mean I cannot recall a moment when I had a bill that I was expecting actually come in the mail late. It has never happened, in the decades that I have been receiving bills late in the mail. However, if I’m waiting for a check or some very important documents, they tend to always come late. Frustrating? Without a doubt? Annoying? You bet, but why is that not a concern of our federal government?

Yes, the USPS has seen a decline in revenue, but I will be honest, every time I go to the post office, guess what: it’s busy as hell. The lines are out the door and people are spending money on postage, mailing packages, getting money orders and so much more. Care to explain? The U.S. government better get its act in order, there are some people who are old school and if we get into a situation where the USPS doesn’t exist, that worries me greatly as to where our country is headed, and I don’t think that is a good thing at all America, not at all.

Written By Zoe Mitchell