SHERMAN OAKS —On April 15, a man and a woman suspected of seriously abusing their 2-year-old daughter were arrested.

23-year-old Lorena Arenas, who is accused of scalding her 2-year-old daughter, reportedly checked the child into Marian Medical Center, where third-degree burns were found on the little girl’s hands and forearms.  Police and detectives were summoned to the hospital for investigation.

Police believe that Arenas held the toddler under scalding hot faucet water for several minutes. The little girl was taken to the Sherman Oaks Burn Center to be treated.

The child’s father, 41-year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez, is accused of being aware of his daughter’s injuries immediately after the alleged abuse occurred; however, he failed to take the child to a hospital, or to summon help. Arenas reportedly brought the girl to a hospital after 13 hours of her remaining at home.

The child’s parents, both of Santa Maria, were arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail. Arena is reportedly accused of offenses involving torture, aggravated mayhem, kidnapping, burglary and false imprisonment. Both Arenas and Gonzalez are being accused of child endangerment. They have bail amounts placed at $250,000 and $100,000 respectively.