YouTuber Corey La Barrie Dies In Drunk Driving Accident

LAUREL CANYON—At approximately 9:40 p.m. Sunday, May 10, YouTuber, Corey La Barrie who was celebrating his 25th birthday, died in drunk driving accident when the driver, Ink Master star, Daniel Silva lost control of a McLaren and hit a street sign and a tree. The Los Angeles Police Department told the Daily News that the accident occurred on the 4900 block of Carpenter Avenue close to Riverside Drive.

The YouTubers were coming from celebrating LaBarrie’s birthday party earlier in the evening. Witnesses told sources that Silva had been drinking at the party before the accident. According to TMZ, Silva will be facing murder charges after his recovery of a broken hip from the accident. Silva’s last post on Instagram was a throwback family photo including his brother, Michael who died at the age of 24 and Silva himself who stated that the photo was taken a week after he was released from jail.

La Barrie uploaded a video on YouTube titled, “Deleting This in 24 Hours” the day before on May 9 that currently has 118,071 views.  He announced on his YouTube channel that he will be going live on Twitch, a live streaming social media platform on the following day at 1 p.m. with his roommates quoting, “we might be getting a little bit drunk.”  He called out his 341K subscribers to join them on the live stream for a birthday celebration.

La Barrie’s last video on Twitch was uploaded three days ago. He last said on social media platform, Twitter, “Thank you for the birthday wishes love you guys! And if you have the intro to my stream how did you like it?” Thousands of fans responding with messages such as, “rest in peace Corey” and “this can’t be real.”