UNITED STATES—The cellphone, we’ve talked about this issue in the past people and it just happens to continue to be a conversation of why so many of us are glued to our phones. What is it about the cellphone that seems to dictate our lives more than it actually should people. Ask yourself that question? Think about it for a second because it’s a loaded question and it is an important question at the same time people. I personally am not one to be glued to my cellphone. It is NOT next to me 24/7 and there is a reason: I get terrible anxiety as a result.

This notion of constantly having to check to see if I have messages or if someone has reached out to me even though I know there is no alert or chime letting me know I have a message is madness that is just driving me insane. We don’t control the cellphone anymore America, the cellphone controls us. I heard people debating about what is the one thing that would force them to return home even if they are already quite a distance from home. Do you want to know what the answer was: the cellphone!

Think about this for a second, going 24 hours without a cellphone. What would that do for your state of mind? People born before the late 90s lived years, some decades without the invention of the cellphone and guess what America, we lived just fine. The cellphone has changed how we communication, function, operate and conduct business, but remember we did just fine before the cellphone to. Hell, I remember back in the 80s having that landline glued to the wall and you really didn’t have much privacy if you were talking to someone. If you were lucky enough to afford cordless phones it was like a dream come true to have a bit more privacy.

If we’re really talking about the Golden Age we would have to go back to the time of the rotary phone which you had to coil back at least 10 times to dial a number. Imagine you needing to call someone ASAP and you had a rotary phone; you’d be in danger people big time. I don’t even know too many Americans right now who even have a landline in their household. I do because it’s always good to have a backup when you consider how fidgety a cellphone or service can be at times. It can work perfect one minute, the next minute you cannot receive or dial out. You really don’t have that issue with a landline unless the power goes out or the service is disconnected. Reliability matters people.

Also think about the fact that you cannot send a message via landline, so you won’t get inundated with all the spam that is currently being spread thru cellphones nowadays from scammers. With Caller ID which most phones have you can screen calls and determine who you want to chat with and who you do not want to speak with, but sometimes just the sound of your cellphone chiming or going off is enough to drive you insane America. Why? You have that worry bot come to fruition. Who is calling? Why are they calling? What has gone wrong? That is what my brain thinks 90 percent of the time my phone chimes. People might say you’re bringing that energy into the universe and you know what you could be right, but at the same time, why should I be stressed by it.

For those who conduct a ton of business utilizing the cellphone it is even worse. Sometimes work is never-ending. Someone is always texting, messaging, emailing or calling you about something even when you are NOT scheduled to work at all America. You sometimes just want to turn the device off, but then realize what if an emergency transpires and someone needs to contact me. Hello, you have a landline for those who have landline people. Tell them to call you there. If that worries you just tell yourself if an actual emergency arises, people will find a way to get into contact with me if they have to. You cannot stress yourself out about what could happen, focus on the present and the now.

You sometimes never know how great a 24-hour digital detox can be for the mind and spirit. You get to focus on your energies on other things, actual life and not being glued to a techy device worried about something so stupid and pointless that you get a bit of clarity. There is more to life than the cellphone people. Once we put it down maybe we will realize that more.

Written By Jason Jones