SANTA MONICA—A 26-year-old party organizer was hit with a $1,450 fine after illegally throwing the “100 Summers Mansion Party” on Saturday, August 22, which was violating the rules set for non-essential gatherings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Davante Bell, a native of Santa Monica, had the event in a $1.8 million mansion in Glendora, which was a large exclusive home listed on rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO.

According to local authorities, Bell, along with the owner of the home, were both told the event would violate orders that were set by the City code and Los Angeles County Health Department Order, but chose to defy them, anyway.

The event had several hundred attendees dancing very close together, without masks on. “The party promoter disregarded City staff and held the event knowingly violating the administrative city permit process and the health department order,” Glendora police said.

Video screenshot of a mansion in Glendora, where an illegal party was being held. (courtesy of a CBS 2 newscast)

It was right after midnight when Bell finally decided to shut down the party, as he was about to be issued his third administrative citation, totaling almost $2,000 in fines.

In addition to the citations Bell received from police, various party goers that attended the event would get hit with five vehicle code violations, 19 parking citations, a vehicle impounded and an arrest for a misdemeanor bench warrant.

According to Interim Glendora police chief, Matt Egan, the citations and punishments won’t be stopping there. “Although we were limited by certain legal requirements at the time of this event, the city of Glendora will be pursuing administrative fines, fees and potential litigation against both the party host and the homeowner.”

The $1,450 fine Bell received was doled out in two separate citations: the first one was $450 for an unidentified violation; the second one was $1,000 for violating the hosting guidelines that was in direct conflict with the health department order for gatherings during the pandemic.

Bell, who’s known by his Instagram username, @iamkingbell, has promoted similar parties on the social media platform in the past.