HOLLYWOOD—There has been a lot, and I mean a lot of things shaking up the town of Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The hunt to locate Andre DiMera’s killer has been a hot storyline, but another tale worth discussing is what the hell has been going on with John Black. Yes, John hasn’t had much going on lately, but this new scoop is definitely intriguing, more than Andre’s murder.

For starters, Steve has been getting sick, deathly ill so much to the point that he and Kayla have come to terms that death is imminent. I mean this has transpired multiple times, where a character is near death, but miraculously comes back to life in the final moments. Do I see a happy ending transpiring for Steve and Kayla, without a doubt, and with Paul and Will onto John things have taken a turn for the worse.

Why? Well, John has still been secretly poisoning Steve, and is being forced to do someone else’s bidding. The big issue is the audience has yet to receive a face or name of the person calling the shots. However, the audience received a welcome surprise this week with the sudden return of Billie aka Lisa Rinna to the soap. Billie, who fans learned would return to town several months ago, I speculated, would be to support her mother as a result of Andre’s demise. That is not the case, why? Billie seems to be intertwined with Mr. Black himself and is in town to save Steve. Very interesting development to say the least.

There was one hell of a cliffhanger in Friday’s episode where John knocked out Will, just as Paul entered the mausoleum and found his father pointing a gun at him. With the snap of a finger, a bullet was fired, leaving audiences to wonder what transpired. Kate and Lucas were dancing around rather they would or would not enter. In the end, it was Kate who stumbled into the mausoleum stunned to come face-to-face with her daughter Billie.

Have to say John is indeed good at covering his tracks America, but we know Paul and Will are not dead, which means it’s a matter of time before they start spilling the beans to the world. However, Billie’s presence is interesting as she does her best to cover John’s tracks, just as the two meet up later and she learns John was unable to finish the job of poisoning Steve because Tripp interrupted him. So exactly what is going on here? Who wants Steve dead, and why are John and Billie so ok with completing the job.

Speaking of Andre, the authorities have pointed the finger at a major suspect: Gabi. Of course the audience knows Gabi didn’t commit the deed even though all the evidence has been pointed in her direction. This has left Eli and Rafe to work overtime to gather more evidence and discover the real culprit behind Andre’s unsuspected departure. We know Anna didn’t do it because she was a red herring, the same sentiment is echoed for Kate; she was livid at Andre, but murder I just don’t see it people. Abigail seems to be key to this murder in some unexpected fashion. I feel like she has some locked away memory that has yet to surface, just as Chad was certain of Gabi’s innocence.

The audience knows clearly that Stefan and Vivian are indeed hiding something. I mean Andre’s missing phone was locked in Stefan’s drawer. After countless attempts, Stefan managed to unlock Andre’s phone, where he left that voice message about Gabi being fired, thankfully Abigail entered his office, just before he was about to DELETE the incriminating message. Abby heard a ton, and Stefan did his best to deflect, but I’d argue it’s just a matter of time before she spills the beans to Chad about what his brother has been up to. That does not look good buddy, not to mention Stefan was just mere moments of cracking after being questions by Rafe and Eli about that video surveillance that disappeared during the time that Andre was murdered.

Eli needs to focus on his priorities because now that Lani informed him that her bundle of joy is not J.J’s, but his, that night they slept together will soon come to light. Why is this so big? J.J. proposed to Lani who accepted. Things are about to get messy good America on “Days of Our Lives” and I mean that in a good way.