HOLLYWOOD—If there is one soap opera that NEVER seems to disappoint when it comes to sweeps, especially around the month of November it is “Days of Our Lives.” We talked about the soap last week, but I have been so intrigued by this Marlena Evans being possessed by The Devil once again storyline. I could NOT help myself and had to chat about things transpiring in Salem.

First off, I have to give major kudos to the writers for giving the great Deidre Hall a fascinating storyline, one that allows herself to sink her teeth into the role and show a bit of versatility along the way. It reminds me of that epic reveal that Marlena was the Salem Slasher. I still think to this day that was one of the most captivating storylines on daytime TV because NO ONE was safe from the stalker and when you see fan favorites die it hurts like hell and we honestly thought they were goners for good. The icing was the reveal that the noble and smart, Marlena was the culprit genius.

This time around Marlena has finally embraced her evil fully and the havoc in Salem is being unleashed and its having me glued to the TV screen. I mean John was the first to realize his wife might be possessed again and it resulted in a confrontation where he lost the battle and is being kept hidden so the truth is not revealed. Then Marlena in a ‘Devil’ costume decided to unleash a bit of hell at the cemetery. How so? By bringing faces from the past back to life and three notable ones to say the least. All wicked villains in Charlie Dale, Nick Fallon and Deimos Kiriakis.

It was genius because it sets the stage between fantasy and reality, which only “Days of Our Lives” can do and actually get away with. Allie didn’t believe in the Devil, so the Devil chose to show her otherwise by reviving the guy who raped her from the dead. In the midst of Charlie hoping to settle a score, he paid a visit to his mother Ava, who was able to meet her maker courtesy of Carmine. Lucky for Ava, the dead rose and delivered a butcher knife to his back. Flabbergasted Ava fled the scene quicker than one can count to three.

Too bad it looks bad for Ava considering Jake and Gabi just threw her way under the bus and for that dead body to be found by Rafe Hernandez, the Police Commissioner of Salem of all people is that much worse. That only led to Rafe having to deal with another situation this one involving Nicole Walker. Nicole got the shock of her life when Deimos back from the dead scared her at the office. She couldn’t believe her eyes the guy she murdered was back to exact a bit of vengeance. The same could be echoed with Gabi Hernandez, who sensed something was off, but was stopped dead in her tracks (get it) when she came face-to-face with Nick Fallon. The guy she murdered not once, but twice.

At first I didn’t understand the point of revising their specific characters from the dead, beyond them all being villains, but then I realized, we’re talking about pure evil here. It doesn’t matter why they wanted to cause chaos havoc in Salem and that is precisely what unfolded people. The writers giving the audience flashbacks of each of those characters’ demise is a touch of absolute genius people.

Why the writers have dragged out this attraction between these two for so long before they finally gave into temptation I will never know, but I’m glad it happened! The only caveat was keeping the secret from Ava. Which brings us to another subplot in this possession tale involving Marlena: Ben and Ciara? Look, I get the writers want to keep giving Ciara and Ben storylines, but it is too much at this point. Can we please place them on the back burner a bit and let a few other characters shine for a bit. It is starting to feel like the Ben and Ciara show on “DOOL.”

After them reuniting, I thought we were going to get another break, nope, the Devil plans to utilize Ciara and Ben’s bun in the oven to wreak the ultimate chaos. The audience doesn’t quite know how yet, but we know the baby is the key, which Susan alluded to was in major danger to the couple this week. Susan might not have everything up there, but when this woman speaks, people need to listen. I thought things might end around Halloween, but it looks like the Devil is planning to stick around Salem a lot longer and that is going to be amazing fun to witness as we see things culminate.