HOLLYWOOD—I don’t know why, but it seems every single year out of the four remaining soap operas still on the air “The Young and the Restless” seem to have the weakest lead into November Sweeps. I mean where is the drama? This is November Sweeps your biggest narratives and tales for the year should be coming into play and we’re left with will Nick and Phyllis break up? Who cares? These two are terrible together and why the writers choose to re-pair I will never understand. Hell, I always thought Phyllis and Jack should be together and the fact that the writers are making an adjustment to things is great.

I will admit the sudden change from Phyllis and Nick being hot and heavy to just having so much tension it seemed awkward to actually watch it on the small screen seems to point that this just happened out the blue. I hope that is NOT the case, but that is what it unfortunately feels like. This whole Nick having friction with Victoria being the end of their relationship I just cannot buy, it just is not as fluid as the writers are attempting to placate for the audience.

When Nikki sees the problem in the relationship, you know a major problem has come to the forefront people! We still don’t know what is going on with Adam and Sally. One minute it feels like things are going in the right direction, then Adam pulls back. One thing for certain is the chemistry does indeed exist between Courtney Hope and Mark Grossman. When you see it on the screen there is no denying it people and the writers need to continue to push that as the ‘What Will Chelsea Think?’ notion is tired and frankly she has been gone long enough I don’t think too many people care to say the least.

Anyone looking from a mile away knows Victor and Adam had something to do with Jesse Gaines sudden disappearance one that Nick is determined to get to the bottom of, even though Nikki, Phyllis, Jack, Adam, Ashland and Victor all want him to let it go. Like when the hell did Nicholas Newman of all people become such a martyr? Speaking of Ashland, he has had a major setback with his illness one that is starting to raise the possibility that Victoria could become a widow in the near future or some miracle will transpire. We knew Ashland had a secret, but I was hoping it was much bigger than him forging a will to get his hands on millions of dollars from his mentor.

Right now it seems the ONLY hope of a story that the audience has for so far is the ‘reveal’ that Chance might be dead. Why do I say that? Abby has his ring, but the audience has yet to see a body and as I’ve said time and time again in the soap arena if you don’t see a body it is no definitive evidence that someone has died. So this just tells me the producers are just looking for the right face to cast for the new Chance Chancellor. It seems like “Y&R” has so much trouble keeping an actor for this character.

The news has devastated Abby, which has Victor and Ashley by their daughter’s side, and Devon, Mariah, Sharon and Tessa as emotional support. Per usual, Christine has shown up to deliver the news, but something tells me there is a twist within a twist when the viewer ultimately discovers Chance is very much alive and fighting his way back home to his wife and his infant son. So one week in and no massive drama on “Y&R” I guess we have 3 more weeks to keep our fingers crossed for some chaos.