UNITED STATES—I’ve seen some things transpire lately in the news that have not left me happy to say the least. Some of you might be guessing as to what I’m referring to, it’s those outbursts and tirades caught on tape where certain politicians are being heckled in public places. In some situations, these individuals have been forced out of an establishment, in other situations the individuals vacated to prevent the heckling from continuing.

Look, we live in a time right now where the world of politics is so heated; just uttering the word will cause all-out war. It’s bad; if you’re a Republican, you are the enemy of most of America; at least that is what mainstream media wants you to believe. If you’re a Democrat, you’re supposed to advocate for all things liberal and not disagree or side with the Republican Party.

I am so over this got damn political party mess. You don’t have to like Republicans; you don’t have to like Democrats, but what has happened to our country, where public figures cannot go out into public places without facing the ire of those in disagreement. It seems no one has public decency anymore. You should be able to visit any restaurant and establishment without feeling that you’re going to be heckled or harassed while with your family. I find it appalling to hear each week a new politician who has endured such hatred or venom. Tell me what precisely does this solve? Quite honestly nothing! It makes you look foolish, you are showing your level of immaturity and what’s worse is that its behavior that other people are beginning to model.

If you want to protest against the policies or actions of your local representative write them a letter, hold a public forum, don’t berate them when they don’t expect it at a restaurant or local retailer or some other place in the public sphere. Some people would react with the hatred with more hatred, but that only begs a larger question: what does more hate solve? Nothing, just adds more fuel to the fire that is quite frankly unacceptable.

What happened to the Golden Ages where people would show a bit of public decency? It seems the adults are far worse than the children nowadays, and what’s worse is no one seems to care the least bit. It’s like the thought of being a human being and showing a bit of compassion or simple respect no longer exists. Now this is NOT to make excuses for those who behave badly. I’m a firm believer if you act like an a** it will come back to you in some fashion. You cannot be a 50 or 60 year-old acting like a kid throwing a tantrum when you don’t get your way, to only cry wolf when someone calls you out on your BS.

What scares me most is that it appears most Americans could care less; this is the times and because of that, you are either expected to get on board or get over it. My fear is that this taunting, this berating will only escalate into something worse and then what? Is it going to take someone getting seriously hurt or losing their life for us to take off those blinders to what is sitting right in front of us? The sad reality is that is likely the case, but by that point its already too late America because the damage has already been done so how can you reverse it?

Written By Kelsey Thomas