UNITED STATES—An individual has come forward to make accusations against Democratic New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, self-named Spartacus. Wishing to remain anonymous, the individual is known only by his Twitter name, Deep Throat.  The Twitter handle refers to Mark Felt, the Assistant Director of the FBI during the Watergate Scandal who was dubbed “Deep Throat” by the media.

The individual noted that Booker, while visiting his place of employment, accosted him in the men’s restroom.  “I made it quite clear that I was a great admirer of his, especially with regards to his record of being an advocate of the LGBT community” the anonymous person writes in a four-page open statement. He goes on to explain that after the meeting he and Booker had a second encounter. Deep Throat alleges that Booker forcefully groped him, attempting to receive oral sex from him before he left the bathroom stall.

The person tells of another incident in which he was sexually harassed by an employer and fired as a result of coming forward. It was not until he saw Booker’s outpouring of support for sexual assault victims, during the hearings for Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, that he decided he should share his story.

The individual approached two law firms regarding the allegations. Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law Group contacted the individual back and referred him to Ronan Farrow, the journalist who broke the story about film executive Harvey Weinstein. After several attempts, he gave up on Mr. Farrow.

“To someone like myself, the #metoo movement is more of a precarious bridge over croc infested waters than it is college safe space” he writes.  “#metoo should have been a catch all phrase that included any survivors, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation.  But instead, it seems that those have become the very prerequisites that determine what is and is not attention worthy.”

“I do consider myself liberal, but I no longer consider myself a Democrat.  And the perpetrator of my story is a Democratic hero/2020 contender…hardly a tale that can be programmed, categorized or easily referenced by the modern American media apparatus.”