UNITED STATES─Have you ever asked yourself why some people worry more than others? Some say it’s genetic, some argue it’s just the personality of some people. I would say it’s a mix of both. If you have a parent who is always worried about something, there is a strong possibility those things can rub off on you. I personally believe there are some people who worry because it helps them push through the day. I don’t think they do it intentionally, but I think it’s a habit that makes them feel useful.

You might say what does that mean? People feel if they’re worried about you it’s a show of affection or concern. On the flipside, the person on the receiving end of that worry has to grapple with a panic that might not be a panic at all. Sometimes people project their fears onto others even when it’s not wanted. That entails one having to deal with worry about your worry.

I personally think my worry comes from a direct result of having things undone. I DO NOT like things unfinished. It just drives me bonkers because I know it’s something that has to be tackled or addressed at a later date. I’m a perfectionist and I like to be in control and I like things done. I hate with a passion procrastination!

That might be the biggest reason I work so hard in life because the thought of someone else’s work becoming my work because people failed to properly do what they were asked to do frustrates me to the core. I used to be really bad at it in high school, but made a promise to myself to not do that moving forward because in the long run it only hurts me and my level of productivity.

When you worry, it’s not just that the mind continues to loop that thought or thing you know has to be done. Better yet, you can’t sleep at night because you are worried about that thing that has to be done that has yet to be done. I like to call anxiety and worry the same thing, but fear not there are ways to conquer it. First, you have to admit that you might be a worry bot.

That does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Don’t try to self-diagnose yourself; you have to consult with a doctor who will make that decision for you. If they recommend medication to deal with your anxiety or excessive worry, it’s not a bad idea to consider it. There are other ways to combat it like channeling that bad energy and focusing it on something positive.

Redirect the worry that you might have so that you’re not focused on it. That may not be easy for many people to accomplish, but it can be done if you find that one that that brings you joy. Yes, there might be a lot of things that bring you joy, but focus on what brings you jubilation and is your pure escape. Worry is part of daily life, but you don’t have to allow it to control or dictate how you live your life. Sometimes telling yourself that today will be a good day, is a start of drawing all that positive energy to your orbit. Remember the mind is a powerful thing, the more you think about worry, anxiety and all things negative, that is what will be attracted to your orbit.