UNITED STATES—Why is it sometimes we worry so much that it places our health at risk? We have all heard the phrase, “You’re going to worry yourself to death.” While it may sound like an exaggerated expression, the realization of the situation is that some people are indeed worrying to death. Why? There are things that some people just cannot control and when you cannot control things it elevates your stress level. Stress is something that will ALWAYS be a part of our lives and you have to find coping mechanisms to deal with that stress. For so many Americans the biggest stressor they have is work.

Some love their jobs, but a vast majority of Americans hate their jobs. That hatred leads to that constant stress of wondering if they should go to work or if they should throw in the towel. Their lies the problem people, if you throw in the towel, you have to worry about finances, and if you have a family, how to care for them. A major proponent of stress for many Americans is money. They don’t always have it and when you don’t have it choices have to be made.

Do I pay the light bill or the car note? Do I put food on the table or worry about child care? Imagine if you had to make those choices and how you would react if you were forced to make such difficult decisions? It would worry you a lot, to the point that your blood pressure raises, you run the risk of possible heart attacks, strokes and a host of other health issues, while also dealing with that stress that you’re attempting to navigate the best way you know how.

It is so easy for people to just tell you don’t worry about it, don’t stress, hello, you can say that because you’re not dealing with it. Nothing annoys me more than when people give their two cents not fully aware of the situation at hand that they are commenting on. Yeah, it is easy for you to not stress about money because hello, you don’t have the money issues I do. So why don’t you try placing yourself in my situation before you comment on something without full empathizing with the person you’re talking to.

However, I am starting to realize that I can absolutely stop allowing work to worry me. I do it, but turning off my cellphone when I am NOT working and muting potential notifications. That out of sight, out of mind notion is really starting to work in my favor and I love it to the core people. I don’t care anymore you have to disconnect from things to eliminate stress. There are some jobs where you could be working 24/7 if you don’t just stop and cutoff.

With family, the same notion applies. You have to determine if you want to take that phone call from a relative that you know is about to bring drama in your direction or if you want to ignore it. I have the reasoning that if it’s something serious, they will actually call you more than once and then I know I have to answer my phone people.

Life is indeed a stress and the goal should NOT be to stress to the point that we die as a result. We just have to find a way to navigate the stressors in our life the best way we know how. Forget what everyone else thinks, sometimes a person’s opinion is just that. Just because they give the advice does NOT mean you have to take it people. That is something I’ve learned and I‘m starting to realize is ok to voice.

Written By Jason Jones