UNITED STATES—Californians are worried about their homes. And with good reason.
Your home is an important asset and part of your net worth, and an integral part of your
investment portfolio. And while the California real estate market can experience shifts,
it’s still one of the strongest in the country, attracting home buyers and investors. Home
prices in California are projected to rise 6.2% across the state in 2024, and the
Westside continues to be one of most high-value real estate opportunities in Los

Unfortunately, securing your property investment in California has gotten much more
difficult as many of the largest insurance carriers have withdrawn from the market, citing
high-risks due to catastrophic events, as well as surging construction costs. Despite the
California insurance market being one of the largest in the world and valued at over
$123B, many insurers have ceased accepting new applications, which means they are
no longer writing new Homeowners insurance policies.

This news has left Golden State residents rattled and searching for guidance, as many
are questioning how their existing policies will be affected or if they will be eligible for
renewal. Property owners want to know if they will be able to increase their coverages
moving forward to accommodate property upgrades, or how to protect new additions to
their real estate portfolio.

And if this wasn’t enough cause for concern, recent weather events have affected many
homeowners in Beverly Hills, Laurel Canyon, Beverly Glen, Beverly Crest, Malibu,
Topanga Canyon, Benedict Canyon, and the Hollywood Hills. The recent atmospheric
river events have delivered heavy rain and wind, creating mudslides, flash-floods,
downed trees, debris-flows, and other weather-related issues. These catastrophic
events have led to property owners looking to add Flood insurance to their insurance
portfolio, and questioning existing Homeowners coverages.

Property crime is another concern for many with home invasions, burglaries, personal
theft, and vandalism on the rise. Homeowners want to know that their property and
valued belongings are safe and secure.

High-value homes and high-net worth individuals and families have unique needs when
it comes to financial security. Therefore, they need unique solutions for financial
protection of their assets, savings, and investments.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to speak with your insurance agent or secure
a licensed and qualified advisor right away as they can provide guidance on the best
policy options available to you. However, navigating any highly regulated industry like
insurance requires experience and expertise, so choose wisely as not all insurance
agencies are created equal, nor provide the same options for coverages.

Working with an experienced, high-level advisor who is well acquainted in your
community will not only help provide security for your investments, but provide peace of
mind, knowing that you, your family, your home, and assets are well protected for the

Your insurance expert should review all aspects of your financial portfolio, and work with
you to determine how your life events and changes impact your insurance, discuss your
options such as actual cash value vs. replacement cost value, and bundle policies to
qualify for discounts wherever possible. Most importantly, they will ascertain if you are
underinsured so you can increase your coverages to protect all of your assets, and your

By building a long-term relationship with your insurance advisor, you’ll receive
personalized service and support, claims assistance and advocacy, and routine policy

As a native Californian, and award-winning Licensed Insurance Advisor, The Mark
Newman-Kuzel Agency is uniquely poised to provide expert consultations,
unparalleled service, and customized insurance solutions for you, your family,
and your investments.

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Written By Mark Newman-Kuzel