Tag: Damage

Checklist For Dealing With A Mechanically Damaged Vehicle

UNITED STATES—If your car has started showing signs of trouble like a strange new noise under the hood or new indicator lights turning on,...

Woman Arrested In Connection With Looting

SANTA MONICA—Amanda Toyono Van Duyse was arrested on June 8 in connection to a series of looting sprees that took place in Downtown Santa...

Local Business Was Destroyed In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica Camera, a 25 years old local business, was looted and damaged on May 31 during the protest. Computers, cameras, lighting tools,...

Heavy Rain Causes Mudslide Damaging Multiple Homes

SHERMAN OAKS—Heavy rains in Sherman Oaks triggered a mudslide opening a sinkhole and damaging multiple properties on Sunday, March 22. Officials from the Los Angeles...

How To Recover From Heat Damage

UNITED STATES—If your hair feels and looks fried and brittle, it’s probably suffering from heat damage. Another sign of heat damage is if your...

Phone Scam Targeting BH Residents

BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department issued an advisory warning residents of a phone scam in which the caller identifies himself as a city...
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