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“Big Brother 17” Week 2 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Being an avid “Big Brother” fan, we’re going to take a close look each week at all the ins and outs of season 17....

“Big Brother 17,” Let The Games Begin!

HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of counting down, “Big Brother 17” premiered on Wednesday, June 24. It seems to have become a trend in the last two...

So Who Is Charles On “Pretty Little Liars?”

HOLLYWOOD—The one thing about “Pretty Little Liars” is that the series sure knows how to leave the audience grasping for more and pondering a...

“PLL” Recap: ‘The Melody Lingers On’

HOLLYWOOD—We are just two episodes away from the finale that will have “Pretty Little Liars” fans across the nation talking until the series returns...

The Plot Thickens On “General Hospital”

HOLLYWOOD—I know what most of you are thinking, just what in the world is happening on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Yeah, it seems...
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